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Hello! Thank you for visiting Elize and Stephanie's 4-month residency journey. Inspiring progress can be found here!  Please stay tuned on our desired outcome at the end.

Visual Association Practice
and Self Body Movement
by Elize Chan

It is difficult for people to distinguish the distribution of muscles through naked eyes. By repeatedly observing video clips of muscle movements and associating them to self body muscle movements, we can train the brain to bring the repairing signals to the target joints at a more precise location for recovery.

Contemporary Dance
"54 of 206"
By Stephanie Keung

“54 of 206” is an ongoing movement-research-into-choreography project curious about the possibilities of images, perhaps eventually stories can be created by the detailed articulation of (not only) fingers, palms, and wrist. It was fundamentally a personal discovery to further develop the artistic voice of Keung through human body movement research.

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